Thursday, September 4, 2008

Does Running on the Treadmill Count??

Joe said...

Does running on the treadmill count? I seem to do better times on a treadmill for some reason.

Jeremy Barnett said...

The treadmill is OK but it can not be compared to another persons time that ran outside. The person running outside has to deal with humidity, heat, rain, traffic, elevation changes, changes in terrain, changes in direction of movement and wind. All of these elements can make running outside much more challenging compared to running on a treadmill.

While running on a treadmill you never have to deal with these elements. The treadmill runs at a constant and consistent speed and you're in a climate controlled environment that keeps you comfortable.

There is nothing comfortable about running outside.

I give you credit for doing it on the treadmill and completing the 5k. but it is much easier than outdoors running.

Bob Callahan said...

Jeremy, I was going to add this comment to the training blog, then got stopped by the State computer firewall, running outdoors in Florida maybe hard, but running a 5k on a treadmill takes guts...I have to be able to move around and to stimulate the competitive juices by the other runners in a race!

Bob Callahan here, 3 times Boston Marathon, 2 times Ironman Triathlon and over 60 marathons over the past 25 years: 

Jeremy is correct about the basic parts of treadmill running, I tip my hat to you, I have never run on a treadmill longer than 30 minutes, it bores me, my point is that running outdoors also MOTIVATES me, it feels good to have the wind & weather on my face, seeing the sky, other people and dealing with the weather. The other parts of running outside are also a workout. A windy day is resistance training. A motivated runner / athlete will keep working out!! 

PS I am Jeremy Barnett's Uncle in Virginia, I just completed a 1/2 marathon and a 24 hour adventure race in all kinds of weather. It keeps life and working out exciting and special!!

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