Friday, August 15, 2008

Sat. 8-16-08 BOOT CAMP

Sat. 8-16-08 BOOT CAMP:

Truck Push:  6 x 100’ then run 100 yrds. (get ready to repeat)

 Tire Flips:  200lb. tire 4 x 4 flips

 (This section is indoors)

KB Push Press: 5 x 10

Dips on rings, parallet bars or dip bar): 10 x 10 (100 total BABY!!)


Dear CrossFitters & Boot Camp Participants,

CrossFit and The Training Ground want to thank everyone for supporting our Saturday Boot Camps. We've had great turn outs lately with an average of about 20 Boot Campers each Saturday. 

With the large number of participants each Saturday it is evident to me as a coach that I need more help and more equipment to better service each Boot Camp participant. In order to provide you with more equipment and qualified coaches it is necessary for me to begin charging for the Boot Camp classes. This will be used to pay additional coaches and purchase more equipment.

Starting August 23rd, 2008 each participant will be required to pay for Saturday CrossFit Boot Camp classes. First time visitors will receive their first 4 Saturday's FREE (All 4 Saturday Boot Camp sessions must be completed in a 30 period). After the thirty day trial Boot Camp participants must either be a Training Ground member or sign up for CrossFit training.

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