Saturday, June 21, 2008

Sat. 6-21-08 Boot Camp

Sat. 6-21-08: W.O.D.: CrossFit Boot Camp Warm up:
Jumping Jacks 30 sec.
B.W. Squats 30 sec.
Mountain Climbers 30 sec.
Burpees 30 sec.

Ladder Drills + Lateral Shuffles 5 min.

W.O.D.: Each team must complete each exercise station 2 x’s as a team before moving to the next exercise station. First team finished WINS!! (All stations must continue exercising until a team member completes the truck push/pull. Continue repeating until all team members have pushed/pulled the truck 2x’s, then switch stations)

Station #1: MB Chest Pass + Overhead Reverse Pass + Between Leg Pass

Station #2: Dips

Station #3: Truck Push down & back (50’ each direction, 100’ total)

Station #4: Row + Crunches + leg raises

Station #5: Run 1-Lap around parking lot

Station #6: Push Ups + Jumping Jack Squats

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